Manufacturing Process: Areca Palm Leaf

  • Selecting the Sheaths of Areca Tree which suitable for Domestic and International Market.
  • Segregation of Sheaths for different sizes of Plates.
  • Washing of sheaths with Cleaned Water which ensure Fungus should not be taken place in every product.
  • Pressing & Cutting in Machines with skilled labour Manually Trimmed the Plates if required.
  • All Plates / Bowls are Packed in Shrink Wrapping and stuffed in Carton Boxes in different sizes according to the customer Requirement.

Manufacturing Process: Sal Leaf

  • Siali (Bauhinia vahlii), is a creeper with large leaves that that typically grows around Sal tree.
  • After Collection of Leaves and it will go for stitched together with bamboo splits with fine stitches holding the leaves together.
  • The stitched leaves are stacked and cut as per the required shape before it can pressed and moulded to usable serve ware such as plates and bowls.
  • Once the leaves have been cut, stacks of them are pressed together around a mould to create a plate or bowl shape. A stiff inner layer is required to create a sturdy finished product.
  • We provide additional support at the bottom of the Leaf with Recycled Card Board for more sturdiness of the Plate.
  • On account of its size, texture and durability, siali or Sal leaves make for a very good source of raw material for the production of disposable plates and bowls.




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